Video consultation ​with Morna

Your video consultation with me will allow you to tell me about what has been troubling you, physically or otherwise. We will proceed with my visual assessment of your active movements and your description of that experience, to enable me to offer you my working diagnosis and talk through and if applicable demonstrate your self management strategies. An online video consultation with me will enable you to learn how to better manage your pain and regain more control over rather than struggle with your day to day living activities.

This process generally takes slightly longer than your usual in-person appointments, but I offer my professional time and experience to you so if you are unable to attend in person.

Your video consultation will take place online (preferably using the Zoom online meeting platform). We will agree a mutually convenient appointment time and I will send you a Zoom meeting invitation with a unique password for joining the meeting.

Here are some comments from some of my osteopathy patients on the benefits and personal experiences they felt from having video consultations with me: 

“Having been to various other osteopaths over the last 20 years with varying degrees of success, I started seeing Morna upon recommendation. Her approach is so different, so holistic, and there’s nothing you can throw at her that she doesn’t understand about the body and how it works! She is so much more than just an osteopath. I was greatly benefitting from seeing her regularly until the current lock-down started, and since then I have had a Zoom appointment with her and that was also very effective!
Thoroughly recommended.”

Ashley W, Company Director

“Having suffered a muscle tear in my calf at the beginning of lockdown, I was worried about finding support to begin my recovery. Morna was recommended to me and has been a huge source of comfort and knowledge, as we work through the recovery process remotely. She has been wonderfully patient, calming and positive throughout, giving me the confidence to work with my calf and trust my own instincts. I am now well on the road to recovery, having regained much of the movement in my leg, I am now weight bearing again. Thank you Morna for all your support during this difficult time.”

Holly P, Student

“I’ve been having hands on treatment from Morna for over a year now, due to wide-spread pain from fibromyalgia. Her extensive knowledge of the whole body and the way everything is connected and works together, gives her a unique ability to treat the whole of you rather than just focusing on isolated muscles and skeletal issues alone.
I was worried what would happen to my treatments during the coronavirus lockdown but I have been able to continue with Morna via Zoom!! Although unable to use the hands-on approach, Morna has used her wealth of holistic therapies to ease my pain through relaxation, yoga and lifestyle advice 🙂
A truly talented, gifted woman, thank you so much!”


More about Zoom

You may need to set up a Zoom user account ahead of your appointment time if you are a first time user. Sign up for your free Zoom user account via the Zoom website. Please note this will involve a follow up email from Zoom asking you to activate your new user account; do please allow yourself some time to do this before your scheduled consultation appointment.

If you experience difficulty accessing our Zoom meeting, please let me know so we can make alternative arrangements.

If you intend to join the Zoom meeting for your video consultation from your smart phone, please ensure to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from your phone app store ahead of our scheduled Zoom meeting time. 

Please refer to Zoom’s support article for system requirements to run Zoom.